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Use crystal bracelets to get rid of depression

Feelings of loneliness, sadness, grief, and fatigue are just normal short-term reactions to big changes in your life. While professional or medical help is important in severe depression cases, employing the help of crystals can also be very beneficial when dealing with thoughts, emotions, and situations associated with depression. This isn’t new to anybody. ThisContinue reading “Use crystal bracelets to get rid of depression”

Crystals that protect kids

Healing crystals are not only for adults. It works best for young children as well since they keep more faith in anything than their elders do. Incorporating crystals for kids is easy –they can be worn on the body as jewellery larger stones can be tucked inside a dream pillow, placed directly on the bodyContinue reading “Crystals that protect kids”

The special properties of Peridot Crystals

Peridot is a crystal that’s not only rich in culture and history, but is also rich with healing energies and spiritual connotations. These make it highly prized and very collectible to anyone looking to bring peace and harmony to their lives. This versatility has made it a very popular crystal and one that has plentyContinue reading “The special properties of Peridot Crystals”

A guide to choose right chakra crystals

Crystals and gemstones have properties that facilitate healing, and the practice of using them to cure diseases dates back thousands of years ago. Through Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional and spiritual energy from these natural healing products of the earth.  The chakras are manifested in one’s physical state.  The ideal is to haveContinue reading “A guide to choose right chakra crystals”

Know how to cleaning and re-enrgizing crystals

Crystals – earth’s natural healing crystals are powerful tools to help you transmute negative energy and revitalize your chakras. It seems only fair that after all that hard work you show a little love and gratitude to your stones. Cleaning and recharging your crystals, rocks, and gemstones is very beneficial to preserve the power andContinue reading “Know how to cleaning and re-enrgizing crystals”

How crystal will bring luck?

Everyone needs a good luck charm. There isn’t anyone in the world who does not wish to be lucky! The easiest way to find good luck is by wearing a crystal bracelet for good luck. Each crystal bracelet has unique vibrations and characteristics, which amplify universal energies. Using the right crystals bracelet can boost yourContinue reading “How crystal will bring luck?”

How to attain harmony using crystals

CRYSTAL = BALANCE If you’re here, this is a calling harmony stones are calling for you.  I had no peace in my mind or reality. That’s when a crystal taught me how to meditate.  Are you ready to find that magical crystal perfect for your harmonious frequency?    Visit CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS for crystal bracelets forContinue reading “How to attain harmony using crystals”

Know about the crystals for festival season

Festive season is an annually recurring period recognized by many as an auspicious time of the year where family and friends get together to celebrate the season of joy, fun and bondness. It is the festive spirit that keeps all in the mood of celebration with spirits of goodness. Everyone has their own way ofContinue reading “Know about the crystals for festival season”

Know about Crystal guide for personal use

The ways in which you interact with your crystals and experience their benefits is very personal. Popular crystals for such requests are rose quartz, keep green aventurine on an altar, and sleep with amethyst under your pillow. The method for manifesting and using crystals might differ from person to person. Creating rituals around crystal workContinue reading “Know about Crystal guide for personal use”

Crystal has connection with all religion

Crystals have been the natural gifts to human mankind. They are earth’s precious stones hidden beneath. The first historical references to the use of crystals come from ancient the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. But not to under-estimate the natural stones and their amazing properties, they have helped the human race forContinue reading “Crystal has connection with all religion”