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Buy crystals for hair growth

Crystals have become the go-to for a variety of common ailments, but can they help with hair growth? Hair is one of the body features that are very significant to the body; this is the reason why everyone tries at first to keep their hair in good condition before they go before people. For thoseContinue reading “Buy crystals for hair growth”

Buy these crystals for asthma and allergies

Once spring is in the air, the weather starts getting warmer. Flowers start blooming and so do the allergies! Although, not everyone is affected by allergies, but those who are, sneezing, coughing or have a runny nose, rashes and headaches can certainly dampen their springtime, or any time for that matter. Obviously when doing crystalContinue reading “Buy these crystals for asthma and allergies”

Know about crystals for improving memory

The ability to focus is crucial to success. This is true whether one wants to progress in career, learn new skills, be a better parent, or any other endeavour. Whether one is studying, taking up a new hobby, or just trying to remember names at a party, being able to rely on the memory makesContinue reading “Know about crystals for improving memory”

Know about Crystal that helps to relief sinus

Crystals are used for healing to help amplify, speed up and allow positive healing energy to flow in the body and release negative energy out. Some people use them all the time and love the responses they receive. But of course there are ‘no science evidence’ chakras, where energy healing always works. Crystals are usedContinue reading “Know about Crystal that helps to relief sinus”

Use crystals for skin care

The idea of a stone healing the body and mind may seem strange, but it actually works. People have been using gemstones for thousands of years. Aventurine, selenite, blue lace agate, and other crystals can detox your body, relieve stress, and pull away negative energies that affect skin health. One can place them on theContinue reading “Use crystals for skin care”

Know about crystals used during pregnancy

The transition from Maiden to Mother is a beautiful journey, filled with beautiful growth, emotions, manifestations, psychic abilities, and love. It will also be filled with pockets of insomnia, increased sensitivity to energies. During this time, a woman’s Being changes in all different ways physically and emotionally. There are crystals for every pregnancy stage, atContinue reading “Know about crystals used during pregnancy”

Know about crystals how, when and where should one use for

Crystal healing holds the magic of crystals derives from their structural compositions: These minerals are organic conductors that vibrate at their own consistent frequencies. Under pressure, they generate energy and we can use them to identify, raise, and direct energy to a targeted source. Since crystals naturally mirror our innate power, they are extremely dynamicContinue reading “Know about crystals how, when and where should one use for”

know about crystals that help to beat cold and flu

Flu season is upon us, and it’s time to protect oneself. Some people simply can’t afford the flu shot, and for those who can, it is not a guarantee that one won’t contract the virus. Influenza can cause stomach cramps, headaches, sinus infections and more ailments than anyone should have to suffer through. If one’sContinue reading “know about crystals that help to beat cold and flu”

Know about crystals for boosting immunity system

Crystals are more than just beautiful rocks to hold and admire–they have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Among these healing powers, crystals and stones can be a great way to boost your immune system to stay in the best health possible. There are crystals that are often carved into beadsContinue reading “Know about crystals for boosting immunity system”

Tips to choose right crystals

Most often one desires to owe desired beautiful crystal and crystal jewellery. However, these gorgeous stones have far more powers than looks and facts. Most people have no idea much about them and their properties. Having the ability to differentiate between a poor quality crystal and a fine crystal is an art that many don’tContinue reading “Tips to choose right crystals”