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Health crystals that everyone needs

Health is something that everyone wants to have in the best of conditions. But, with the stress and strain that everyone goes through in life, health is the one thing that will leave you. Our health bracelets and other crystals that help you regain your lost health is what we will be discussing today inContinue reading “Health crystals that everyone needs”


Bracelets made of crystals why you need to wear?

People wear bracelets for many reasons like Health Bracelets, medical bracelets, success bracelet, love bracelets etc.  Why do people choose this stuff? And here in this article, we break it for you. Crystals are known to heal the energies of life. They have been proven time and again to influence our mental and physical energy. Continue reading “Bracelets made of crystals why you need to wear?”

Wear the dragon eye of your life: The red tiger eye!

Charm bracelets with Red Tiger eye ensure you are emotionally balanced and a great mood lifter. You will know-how in this article. Red-Tigers-Eye is otherwise called Dragon’s Eye. It’s a stone that is caramel red in shading and has both light and dim lines going through it. It has a place with the oxide mineral classContinue reading “Wear the dragon eye of your life: The red tiger eye!”