All you need to know about magic of the peridot crystal

Peridot – known as the stone of compassion, it is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind, The glorious yellow-green Peridot has been appreciated for years for its wonderful properties. Peridot is born of fire and brought to light, one of only two gems (diamond isContinue reading “All you need to know about magic of the peridot crystal”

Know about balancing your chakras with crystal bracelets

Crystals symbolize spiritual purity and perfection. The power of these minerals is “in the eye of the beholder” People claim that they can feel sensations while holding the crystals, sensations such as tingling, heat and vibrations. This proves that these are no normal stones, they are the ones that help a person heal, hence theContinue reading “Know about balancing your chakras with crystal bracelets”

Crystals for the people Suffering from anxiety

Those who have ever battled with anxiety will know that understanding and managing its symptoms presents something of a challenge. For a person going through anxiety, the powerless times, you take comfort by using crystals – because healing stones have powers to help you come out of such issues and such lows. Dealing with anxietyContinue reading “Crystals for the people Suffering from anxiety”

Know how to balance the chakras in your body

Hello there everyone, welcome back to the CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS blog. Getting back with the discussion where we had paused on the last article regarding how chakras are maintained. Let’s get back straight to the agenda, we were discussing the seven chakras and techniques to balance the chakras. Today we would be discussing how chakrasContinue reading “Know how to balance the chakras in your body”

Natural crystals that helps to come out of depression

“There are wounds that never show on the body, They are deeper and more painful than anything that bleeds” Depression is the second most common medical condition. Concurrent with these emotions, a person with depression often suffers from feelings of fatigue and decreased energy levels. Interacting with people around, succeeding at work, concentration of thingsContinue reading “Natural crystals that helps to come out of depression”

Know about crystals to increase concentration.

Our daily lives revolve around with so many things to recall and so much stress to endure, life often leaves us feeling confused and foggy. Practical application of spiritual practices for work is nothing new for people who deal in crystals and help everyone benefit from their healing powers. There is a science behind theContinue reading “Know about crystals to increase concentration.”

Know about crystals helping in enchancing love

There are specific gems and stones that balance and support loving relationships. Some of the more common stones can be placed in the bedroom, in a small decorative bowl or in a saucer on your nightstand by the bed. You can create a collection of a variety of complementary stones. Crystal stones can be purchasedContinue reading “Know about crystals helping in enchancing love”

Know about uses of BLACK TOURMALINE in bracelet world

Black tourmaline – also known as ‘the electric stone’ as it can produce its own electric charge when it is heated or cooled to extremes or put under considerable pressure. There are many shades of black tourmaline, but none that hold the protective powers associated with Black Tourmaline. Steamy waters, minerals are formed and movedContinue reading “Know about uses of BLACK TOURMALINE in bracelet world”

Know about how to attain harmony using earth’s natural crystals

Crystals and crystal healing are becoming more and more popular and mainstream in modern society. The crystal race for the latest trend is ON not only where we are, but across the whole spiritual movement: new and incredibly complex healing and ascension modalities are being favoured to ancient, proven practices, especially as the latest wonderContinue reading “Know about how to attain harmony using earth’s natural crystals”

All you need to know about Spirituality by crystals

You want to develop your intuition or learn to work with your spirit guides? Or maybe you just want to feel more tuned into your inner spirit and experience the mind-body-connection on a deeper level? Maybe you are even working toward enlightenment for yourself. Spirituality and health are proportionately related to one another. They areContinue reading “All you need to know about Spirituality by crystals”

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