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Get to know about the beautiful Turquoise

Crystal bracelets with Turquoise stone ensure you are protected and increase your vibrations. You will know-how in this article. The most incredible of the considerable number of stones, the Turquoise precious stone has arrived at demigod status in the realm of crystals. Its astonishing blue-green shade showed up in antiquated Egypt around 6000 BCE where itContinue reading “Get to know about the beautiful Turquoise”


Sunstone and its benefits

Crystal bracelets with sunstone ensure you are emotionally balanced and a great mood lifter. You will know-how in this article. Emitting a brilliant and chipper sparkle of good vibes, the Sunstone precious stone is the ideal sunblock to shield a delicate soul from our poisonous and blemished world.  Like a solid SPF for the soul, itContinue reading “Sunstone and its benefits”

Lapis Lazuli a royal stone you got to have!

Crystal bracelets with Lapis lazuli ensure inner self-realisation and aid the opening up of chakras. YOu will know-how in this article. Lapis lazuli is one of the strongest stone in the kingdom of crystals. At the point when you interface with the high frequencies of the Lapis Lazuli precious stone, it helps bolster profound edification byContinue reading “Lapis Lazuli a royal stone you got to have!”

Carry your success everywhere with these bracelets!

We bring you beautifully created crystal bracelets that will just put success in your pockets!  Success and achievements can give a vigorous layer of help as you set out on your vocation or contributing endeavours. Every one of these gems for cash, flourishing and achievement work in a remarkable manner to present to you theContinue reading “Carry your success everywhere with these bracelets!”